Porsche 911 Turbo

From Porsche: From the production of the first model in 1974, the 911 Turbo has never hidden its intent. The newest model continues this tradition with a design that is singularly powerful. Like the turbochargers under its skin, the body of the 911 Turbo is a model of aerodynamic control. The body's aerodynamic profile has been painstakingly tested to create positive downforce at the rear, without speed-robbing drag. The drag coefficient is remarkably low at just 0.31. The new front is designed to put onrushing air to optimum use. Massive air inlets direct cooling air to the twin radiators located in the car's nose. High-powered lighting technology plays an important supporting role. The new headlamps echo the traditional 911 design, with the modern advantage of ultra-bright Bi-Xenon lighting and an integrated cleaning system. Compact fog lamps and turn indicators assist in creating undisturbed airflow.

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